API Portal

Sentinet Administrative Console is the API Management Portal for API providers and API consumers.

Sentinet users access Administrative Console to discover services and APIs along with their metadata and documentation.

API providers use Administrative Console to create dynamic virtual facade APIs hosted on the Sentinet Nodes to secure their business APIs, and to monitor their services and APIs health, performance and usage.

Sentinet Administrative Console Features

Remote and secure access to the services and APIs discovery and description

Visual controls for services and APIs Management

Graphical Designers for the dynamic virtual services and APIs

Graphical Designers for the security policies and Access Control rules

Graphical Designers for message transformations

Real-time monitoring, recording and historical tracking of the message exchanges

Analytics and reporting dashboards

Service Level Agreements (SLA) management, SLA violations monitoring and alerting

API testing tools

Interactive diagrams for services and APIs dependency tracking and impact analysis

Audit, APIs change management and change notifications

Validation of security policies compliances